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Spit & Polish Service

25 years of perfecting the craft (my first screenplays sucked) and now a managed and represented screenwriter.  Several optioned scripts, but no sales (yet!).  I’m up to date with the latest Hollywood screenplay trends, tips, etc. and am willing to help you along the way – especially if you’re just starting out.  Send $99 bucks below and email your script and I’ll read, help polish and point out anything that is gonna hurt or help you stand out – no grades or tons of crazy notes – just straight forward, real-world analysis and some tips and suggestions.   This is a temp promotional service for Screenplay Explorer, so not sure how long it will last. 🙂

Click the PayPal button and do your thing. Afterward you will be brought to a page with instructions on where to email your screenplay.   If you’d like more info on me first, send me a note at Ray @



If you are not brought to the email instructions page after purchase, first PANIC!, then go to the Contact Form on this site and let us know.